Cupcake Decorating 101

The cupcake trend continues to grow, from the famousĀ DC Cupcakes to the anticipated cupcake vending machine, nothing is slowing down this little treat. I’m always amazed by the way bakers can turn such a small treat into a work of art. Recently I took the plunge to learn more about the skill of cupcake decorating.

The folks at Our Cupcakery are pure geniuses. In addition to serving up cupcakes, they offer a variety of classes so others can learn baking and decorating skills. With a Faveroo deal in hand, I was ready for my Cupcake 101 class.

I learned the basics of working with icing, which was needed after the debacle involved with the drunken cupcakes. A plastic bag with the corner cut off won’t get you the look you desire, so it’s best to invest in the tools. We learned about several different tips and I’m looking forward to shopping for the cupcake goods. The techniques we learned included: the decorator’s swirl, hydrangea, designs with the star trip and imprinting a design with a paper towel.

I would encourage anyone interested in baking to take a similar beginner’s class. This helped me narrow down the type of supplies I’ll need and how I can make these techniques my own. I look forward to experimenting and sharing the results!