Baking Wisdom from Mom

Earlier this week I came across this tweet from Duff Goldman:

When baking, always add a little salt, even in ice cream. Not much, you don’t want things salty, you just want balance. Mom taught me that.

It got me thinking, baking and moms just go together. I think a lot us have kitchen memories with our mothers and grandmothers. My mom and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen together and still do. Our annual baking traditions are Christmas cookies and my dad’s birthday dessert.

Some of the best baking tips I learned from my mom (no making fun of the photo, it was the 90s!):

  • Clean as you go! Okay, so we didn’t always follow this rule but it’s so much easier to pause and clean up a bit so you’re not left with a kitchen disaster after a baking marathon.
  • You can substitute oil with applesauce. This was a fairly recent lesson, but it can make some recipes close to guilt-free. I’ve found you use half the oil called for and the other half applesauce.
  • Cooling racks are just another thing to clean. Some may dispute me on this, but I almost never use a cooling rack. Sugar cookies were the only exception during our Christmas baking marathon.
  • Don’t forget to set out your butter so it reaches room temperature! The microwaved butter just doesn’t get the same results.

So if you don’t have plans for Mother’s Day, get to baking! What baking/kitchen lessons did you learn from your mom?


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