Recent Happenings

The past few weeks have been filled with several baking adventures. Mainly, working with new ingredients.

Nutella Cupcakes

I love Nutella. After my trip to Paris last year I went on a complete Nutella crepe craze and would make them once a week. So, of course I wanted to try baking with this delicious spread. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first batch, so after some perfecting I’ll share the recipe.

Manhattan Cupcakes

Using the Drunken Cupcake recipe, I substituted the whiskey for bourbon to make this treat resemble the classic cocktail. A Manhattan isn’t my cocktail of choice, but these were just as good as the Drunken Cupcakes. I’m happy to report the chocolate buttercream icing was much easier thanks to the new mixer! I also used my Cupcake Decorating 101 skills to make them prettier than the first Drunken Cupcakes. Although, perhaps it’s more fitting when they’re a bit sloppy. And speaking of my cocktail of choice, I wonder how a mojito cupcake would taste…

On the baking schedule I have cake pops, muffins and cupcakes so expect new recipes soon! I also wanted to share my new plates. I can’t wait to serve dessert on these beauties from Anthropologie.


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