Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

It doesn’t get much better than fall in the Midwest. The clothes, the weather…the flavors! Specifically, pumpkin-flavored everything. Coffee, muffins, beer, cream cheese, the amount of pumpkin I’ve consumed over the past month is almost concerning. By far the best pumpkin treat I’ve had were these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The recipe from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen was delicious and easy. I just had to share it, it will definitely become one of my fall staples. I opted to not make the glaze, but please let me know if you try it! The recipe made around 50 cookies so you’ll have plenty to share. Take these to your Thanksgiving and everyone will be thankful for you.


My New Kitchen

Well it’s been awhile, far too long. One reason for my long hiatus was that I was consumed with the moving process. Oy. I hadn’t moved in four years and moving now is much different than the college days. I definitely have accumulated kitchen and baking supplies. So now that the unpacking is done and the Ikea furniture has been assembled I’m happy to have a wonderfully roomy kitchen. There is much more counter space compared to my old place, a huge pantry and plenty of space to bust a move. My baking messes can cover so much more ground now!

Here are the highlights: