Recent Favorites

Whew, what a wonderful whirlwind this summer has been. Vacation, celebratory showers, birthdays–so many reasons to bake! Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Recent Favorites

The Spicy Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies win my top vote, I think they may be the greatest cookie ever.

The Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars were for Father’s Day, and while not my personal favorite, they received great reviews and were really easy. When in doubt, Betty Crocker always comes through.

Need a fancy treat? I made these Black Raspberry Brie Bites for a baby shower  – cute and so delicious!

Breakfast is always hard for me, I get burnt out easily. I’ve made these Spinach Muffins a few times, although recently I’ve turned in to one of those green smoothie drinkers. (Something I never thought would happen.)

Those are all my baking highlights and this past weekend I was able to do a little recipe testing of my own and will have an exciting treat to share soon. Hint: It involves blueberries!

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